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The Nursing Care team is a part of the company beejees.communication gmbh, which specialises in the placement of nursing staff, especially from India, and maintains many contacts in this region of the world. This is an important prerequisite to serve both sides, applicants and nursing homes, in the best possible way.


beejees Nursing Care Dienstleistungen

How does the placement work?

  • Suitable applicants can contact us via our contact form and register. With their login name and password, it is then possible to upload all necessary documents: CV, passport photo, certificates, letter of application, birth certificates, etc.
  • After the registration process, the process continues until all the necessary forms and certified translations are received so that the visa and confirmation of entry formalities can be completed.
  • Suitable hospitals are contacted and the placement is initiated. As a rule, 3, 6, or 9-month internships are required in Germany before placement as certified staff is completed.

What can beejees Nursing Care provide?

  • Beejees Nursing Care handles the entire selection process in India for all applicants seeking employment in Germany.
  • We check the training certificates and any specialisations. We check the German language skills and exams.
  • We check the translations and initiate the recognition process with the regional councils in Germany.
  • We search for hospitals in Germany with vacancies and check which applicants fit.
  • We initiate the departure from India to Germany and monitor the nurses first steps in Germany.

What is the ethical, philosophical and material approach behind beejees Nursing Care service?

Since many years now, Father Johny Joseph from the Catholic parish in Oedheim, Baden-Würrtemberg, has been placing trained nurses in Germany. More than 700 nurses have been successfully placed and provide valuable services in German hospitals and similar institutions.

His commitment was always focused on the good of all and always had the benefit of the community in mind. In the meantime, the workload has increased enormously in order to professionally meet all the demands that these tasks entail. Therefore, Johny Joseph has decided to work with Beejees Nursing Care to provide services to everyones full satisfaction.

Beejees Nursing Care provides free services to all the nurses we place, but require cost compensation for the work and expenses we have to provide. These costs are covered by hospitals and nursing homes to ensure that our services are covered to the highest professional standards.